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What to see in Lyon? Discover our atypical tours

Dive in a unique and unforgettable tour where each step takes you a little closer to the essence of Lyon. Discover right underneath an overview of our unusual tours of Lyon carefully designed to make you live an authentic adventure in the City of Lights.


What makes our tours in Lyon so special

Before you arrive, you must certainly be wondering ‘what to see in Lyon”? Don’t look out for more! Come and discover the hidden treasures of Lyon through our off the beaten track tours. Each of our guided tours offers a different perspective of the city and is an invitation to live Lyon in a unique and immersive way.

We have at heart to offer you tours that shed light on the atypical aspect of Lyon. From historical anecdotes to encounters with local artisans, every activity is an opportunity to discover this unknown side of the city.

Dare to go off the beaten track and explore Lyon in an unusual way with our passionate guides.

What to see in Lyon? Visit the city according to your aspirations

With Vivre à la lyonnaise, visiting Lyon becomes a real game with the complete personalization of your trip. You can choose from our à la carte tours, activities which reflect your interests. Otherwise, you let us create a tailored experiences, according to your wishes regarding what you want to see in Lyon. The city of the gones*, then turns into a real playground, and we are here to guide you through its hiddens gems.

Our tours in Lyon: a local compromise

By choosing our tours in Lyon, not only do you support a unique touristic experience, but also you support the local artisans, independent shop-owners and the genuine flavors of the city. 

We believe in the importance of supporting the local economy and create a genuine bond between the travelers and the lyonnaise community. Among all the activities to do and things to see in Lyon, you will get the chance to discover the lyonnaise bouchons* these artisans who showcase their specialties such as tarte à la praline, the bugnes and others likes Saint-Marcellin cheese. An original and playful way to better know Lyon and the inhabitants.

  • Street art Lyon

    Street art Lyon

    Ever heard of street art? Those stencils, mosaics and other works that invade public spaces, so that strollers can indulge in all kinds of reveries along the cobblestones. We rediscover our childlike instincts, imagining different, even subversive, realities. Lyon, and particularly the slopes of Croix-Rousse Hill, is a marvellous playground for street artists, who find…

  • Lyon Croix-Rousse hill: between identity and utopias

    Lyon Croix-Rousse hill: between identity and utopias

    Come and get lost in the small streets of one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Lyon: the hill of Croix-Rousse and its slopes. Between the plateau and the slopes, the inhabitants of that little paradise perched on that hill, protected from the river floods, have been the witnesses and the actors of a history…

  • Lyon kayak tour

    Lyon kayak tour

    You like kayaking, and you want to know more about the city of Lyon? Come on and take the plunge! And the good news is that you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the experience! Embark on a guided tour with a guide who will make you discover the city from a unique…

  • Lyon rebellion

    Lyon rebellion

    Behind its aspect of a beautiful town lazying along its two rivers, Lyon still remains a wild beast which turns out to be hard to tame. Come and discover the city along its rebeynes* and other anecdotes that built on a history far from being an easy journey… From the 12th century and rebel bourgeois…

  • Lyon Peninsula

    Lyon Peninsula

    Come and discover the treasures of the Lyon peninsula wandering through monuments and anecdotes which make our city a pretty and charming Dame! Includes: Bellecour square Hôtel-Dieu* Célestins Theatre* Jacobins square Saint Nizier church Terreaux square Lyon Opera House* Cordeliers district * we will not enter the monuments or the museums Details : Duration :…

  • Photo tour in Lyon

    Photo tour in Lyon

    Are you ready to become a top model for a day, forgetting the stress of selfies which will only do but get your phone memory full? Embark on the beautiful boroughs of the Capital of the Gauls with Emmanuel, professional photographer who will be glad to capture your best moments in family, couple or with friends. Do…

  • Dark tales of Lyon (night tour)

    Dark tales of Lyon (night tour)

    Lyon is not only made of lights… Come and immerse yourself in the dark legends and other spectres of the city to unveil its unknown secrets, as Lyon does not reveal itself to travellers easily… From the Old-town to the Peninsula, we will walk through the dark alleys in search for symbols and ancient rituals…

  • Mystic Lyon (night tour)

    Mystic Lyon (night tour)

    Lyon is, along with Prague and Turin, a mystic capital full of symbols carved into stones. Come and immerse yourself in the world of the secret societies of the city to unveil its hidden secrets, while encountering the many personalities who participated in shaping its worldwide esoteric reputation. From Maître Philippe and his incredible healing…

  • Lyon on a ride

    Lyon on a ride

    As a dynamic city, Lyon provides well for bike rides and its bicycle lane network keeps expanding. Live Lyon along its rivers and diverse boroughs, so as to discover its beauty and secrets. Includes: Rhône river banks Bellecour square Saône river banks Pierre Scize quays Terreaux square Tête d’Or Park Details: Duration: about 3 hours Type:…

  • A journey through time : Lyon old-town

    A journey through time : Lyon old-town

    Go and discover the most iconic borough of our beautiful city. Marvel at its stunning architecture and let yourself taken on a journey through time, at the pace of its history filled with little anecdotes. Includes: Saint-Jean district Saint-Jean Cathedral Archeological Garden  Cours and traboules Saint-Paul district Gadagne Museum* * we will not enter monuments…

  • Dinner with a local in Lyon

    Dinner with a local in Lyon

    Feel like having a taste of wonderful Lyonnais specialties while having a good time with a local? We offer you to eat with you in a typical Lyonnais bouchon* restaurant. Exquisite flavours and little cooking anecdotes, here in Lyon we do know how to talk about good stuff! Finally, we will end the evening with…

What to see in Lyon? Choose from our tours and book now

Ready to live an usual experience in Lyon? Look through our different tours, and pick the one that reflects your wishes, and book from now on.

We will be more than happy to guide you and recommend you the best, so that you are sure to make the most of Lyon!