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Discover Lyon: contact us for our guided tours

How does it work?

Because we focus on human contact, you won’t find any booking platform here!

In order to offer you adapted guided tours during your stay in Lyon, send us a small email or fill in the contact form underneath. We will answer you from our “office” as soon as we can!

You wish to visit Lyon and you are coming in a few days?

Contact us via WhatsApp (+33 771 056 511)

The hidden gems of Lyon are waiting for you! Opt for one of our fascinating tours in Lyon and explore the must-sees of the city. Book your tour from now on and live an unforgettable lyonnaise experience!

*gone: special regional word to refers to the children born in Lyon and the surrounding region.

*bouchon: lyonnaise-style restaurant, offering hearty, generous regional food.

You need some advice and tips to organize your trip (hotels, flights…) so that you can make the most of your stay in Lyon? Do not hesite to htake a look on the Kayak webpage.