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Street art Lyon

Ever heard of street art? Those stencils, mosaics and other works that invade public spaces, so that strollers can indulge in all kinds of reveries along the cobblestones. We rediscover our childlike instincts, imagining different, even subversive, realities. Lyon, and particularly the slopes of Croix-Rousse Hill, is a marvellous playground for street artists, who find in the maze of alleys and endless staircases so many opportunities to question residents and visitors on themes as varied as they are exciting.

This is the daily life of the people of Croix-Roussiens, so let yourself be surprised by the streets and typical façades of this very special hill.

This tour includes* :
Place de la Croix-Rousse
Les Pentes de la Croix-Rousse
Cours et traboules
A mid-tour drink break (half-beer / soft / hot drink)

*We do not enter museums and monuments.

Details :
Tour duration: 3h
Type of visit: private guided tour
Meeting point: Hénon metro station (line C, which you can take from Opéra/Hôtel de Ville)

Tour price** :
Adults: €50
Children under 14: €25
Children under 7: free

**Decreasing rates for 4 or more adults – 2 adults minimum

**Degressive price from 4 Adults – 2 adults minimum

Here are a few photos of the tour

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