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Mystic Lyon (night tour)

Lyon is, along with Prague and Turin, a mystic capital full of symbols carved into stones. Come and immerse yourself in the world of the secret societies of the city to unveil its hidden secrets, while encountering the many personalities who participated in shaping its worldwide esoteric reputation.

From Maître Philippe and his incredible healing abilities, to the alchemists and other secret and mystic societies, Lyon is full of illuminated people of all kind. From Saint John’s Cathedral, walking through the Rue du Boeuf, we will join the district of Saint Paul and the rue Juiverie before crossing the Saône river to get to the Peninsula. Enventually, we will focus on Terreaux Square and the Pentes de la Croix-Rousse.

This visit includes :
Saint Jean district
Saint Jean Cathedral*
La Cour des Loges
Saint Paul district
Change square
Croix Rousse district
Saint Nizier district

* we will not enter the monuments or museums

Duration: about 2h45
Type: Night private guided tour
Meeting point: before Saint Jean Cathedral

Prices** :
Adult: 45€
Children under 14 : 25€
Children under 7 : free

Cette visite m'intéresse !

The tour also suits children, as the speech is adapted to the public. However, it is of parents’ responsibility to judge of their children’s sensitivity.

**regressive rates from 4 adults – 2 adults minimum