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Experience the unusual with an original tour of Lyon 

Exceptional tour of Lyon : Our winning duo

Navigating between history and languages, our sister-brother duo embodies the very essence of exploration. We are passionate about traveling, preferring off-the-beaten tracks rather than usual and overrated tours.

Far from lectures or boring walking tours, we mean to offer a different approach: visit Lyon the unusual way!

We have at heart to tell stories in a relaxed way. Our private tours of Lyon are based on exchanges that we have with you travelers. 

Caroline started off in Seville as a tour guide, as Nico embraced that wonderful adventure in Lyon. The unusual tour of Lyon becomes a real show in our company, as every street gets to reveal a captivating story.

The art of unusual tours with Vivre à la lyonnaise

For us, the success of a travel resides in contact with the local people so as to live with the rhythm of other cultures. It is an immersion into the local life, an exploration of small streets where crafts and local know-how can thrive. We invite you to visit Lyon through the eyes of the inhabitants, to try the local gastronomy which makes that city so unique, to wander around the animated markets, and to meet the passionate craftsmen who make this place so alive.

We would be more than happy to guide you through the streets of Lyon, to share our love for our native city. We will take you on its historic paths where the hearts of the people beat, and where the lyonnaise dolce vita takes all its sense. And of course, to make sure you will visit Lyon in the most unusual, genuine and nice way, we will take great pleasure in talking in your native tongue (as far as our linguistic skills take us! 🙂)!

Each corner of Lyon reveals a unique side of its identity!

Who do our unusual tours cater for?

They cater for those who wish to live a local experience, with personalized activities adapted to their availabilities.

Vivre à la lyonnaise adapts to you and your wishes!

No unusual tour of Lyon is conducted according to the mass tourism calendar. To be perfectly clear, our excursions are for those who want to be the masters of their trip!

Whether you are:

  • sports addicts
  • nature-lovers
  • culture buffs 
  • gastronomy enthusiasts
  • or just looking for an original experience

We will do our best to offer you a unique tour which will make you fall in love with the Capital of the Gauls.  And all of this in French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese! 

What type of tours are there for you?

If you are wondering about things to do in Lyon, then Vivre à la Lyonnaise is made for you! We mean to offer you a unique approach which is first of all based on a private and unusual tour of Lyon, and also on a real exchange between you and us. Our tours are not ready-to-sell touristy monologues among so many others. 

We want you to feel like bold explorers, ready to discover Lyon the unusual way.

À la carte : Choose from many options on our excursions site, according to your personal interests. Whether you are into history, lyonnaise gastronomy or the hidden charms of the city, we have the perfect and unique experience for you.


Based on your preferences : You have a clear and precise idea of the experience you want to live, but just little time or you are afraid not to make the right choice?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you wish to do and how. We are in charge of the whole organization so that the only thing you will have to do is enjoy your unique tour of Lyon!

And don’t forget, with Vivre à la lyonnaise, everything is possible!